Hentai Porn

When it comes to lovers of Japanese animation, we tend to be a bit too picky at times. I mean, when we’ve seen too much we’ll want to see more and more, and it’s somewhat insane at times how our fetishes can spiral out in the wildest ways. So naturally, we need a big choice of the best porn you can find since our taste gets a bit too weird at times. The most significant difference when it comes to watching porn of actual people and watching porn of 2D characters dicking it out hard for like twenty minutes without breaking a sweat is the fantasy that surrounds the entire thing. It gives them all sorts of possibilities, so if you have any unrealistic fetishes going on in your head, this is probably the place to go so you can finally satisfy your needs in the best way possible. We’re going to go over a few websites you are offered here at LindyList until you “get the idea.”
So first off, probably the most critical website of the bunch would be rule34, which is also probably the most famous one of the bunch. And it’s probably the website that would come up with the broadest variety of porn you can jack off to. The site has a neat interface where you can quickly look up vids, gifs and even simple drawings made by people just like you and me, for fun.
The best thing is that you can pretty much find anything on this website. I mean, it’s quite well known. You can look up the names of the two characters you want to see having sex up there in the search bar, and within seconds you’ll probably get a bunch of illustrations (though they vary a lot in quality). This website has been around for quite a while so it shouldn’t come off as a surprise that people have been jacking off over here for years and that there’s a lot of material here for literally anyone who wants to jack off, whether you’re a guy who looks for guys or a girl that looks for girls or anything in between.
Hentai Haven may not be as “important” as Rule34 is, though it is most likely the most famous website of the bunch as it features the most watched hentai vids on the internet and the uploads here happen quite often. As soon as a new hentai shows up somewhere, it’s usually uploaded here. Now, what makes this website different when compared to rule34 is that you’re probably not going to find literally any two characters having sex with each other because that’s not the point of this website. Instead, it seeks to provide you with a bunch of random hentai vids of pretty much unknown hentai characters having sex in the most unimaginable ways. So there’s no pics or gifs or 3d SFM animations going on in here, just 2d animation of random characters having lots of sex.
GelBooru is a website that is the most similar site to rule34. It has a search engine that is very similar to the engine of rule34, but the tags work a bit different when you compare the two because you have to be much more careful with them. When it comes to rule 34 you can pretty much look up anything, and it will bring up porn, but here you have to be kinda specific with your tags, or you’ll get the famous error message that goes “Nobody here but us chickens!.” So if you know what you’re looking for and your other hand isn’t busy gripping onto whatever you have between your legs, this is probably the website you should be using.
There’s also a few other websites you should check out, but they have a mechanic similar to HentaiHaven, so they should come up to you as second options if you’re way too horny and you can’t really find what you were looking for on the previously mentioned websites. Luscious is also kind of specific but it also works as a search engine much like rule34 and Gelbooru, it has plenty of albums, and it is updated almost every single day. It boasts a community of 64k+ members and a whole bunch of pics (5k+ albums). It doesn’t really have any advantages (or disadvantages) when it is compared to Gelbooru or rule34 but is it worth checking out if you haven’t really found what you were looking for on the two previously mentioned websites.
E-Hentai also functions similarly when you compare it to Luscious, but it doesn’t actually post random albums, but instead, it posts comics known as Doujinshi. These are the most important websites that you should definitively check out if you wanted to have a good wank.